Community in Action

Проект «Громади в дії» має на меті зміцнити потенціал об’єднання місцевих громад, активізувати їхню роботу спільно з міською адміністрацією задля сталого розвитку.

Street for All

Мета проекту – створити прецедент налагодження комунікації між мешканцями, підприємцями та владою міста під час реконструкції міського простору.

About us

City Institute is an analytical centre. Our mission is to consolidate the efforts of residents, city government and business to solve the  key issues of city strategic development.

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We create and implement Complex Lviv Strategy 2012-2025 and sectoral strategies of the city
We generate ideas for city development, design and implement appropriate projects, attracting financing from international funds and organizations to address the urgent issues of the city
We provide analytical and sociological studies on current topics concerning urban life and quality of Lviv City Council
We organize conferences, round tables and other public events to inform residents about the important city development areas
We conduct trainings and seminars in order to improve work efficiency, also we involve international experts to share experiences in the form of training programs
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Latest projects

Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator (YEI 2017-2019)

Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator (YEI 2017-2019)

YEI - Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator is created for uniting initiatives of created young people and support of their business-projects development.

Street for all (2015-2018)

Street for all (2015-2018)

Project objective – to create a precedent for establishing communication between residents, businesses and city authorities during the public spacereconstruction.

Community in Action (2015-2017)

Community in Action (2015-2017)

Mission of the Communities in Action project is to strengthen the potential to unite local communities and intensify their work together with the city administration for the sustainable development.

Proposition for cooperation

City Institute team is open for new opportunities to cooperate!


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